It’s worth the effort to read our message and to judge for yourself whether Language Company stands out from the crowd. Not because of our size, but because of our excellence. And that’s what matters.

We translate any language to any language. If it’s within the scope of the physical possibilities of this universe, we will take every effort to translate any assignment with success. When you, for instance, urgently need a sworn translation of Russian medical documents into traditional Chinese characters, we will tell you that we can take care of that without blinking an eye. Because this is how we work.

Language Company is not accommodated in a neon illuminated skyscraper full of busy bees working from nine to five. However, we work passionately on what we do best and enjoy: translating. Around the clock.

We are a team and we all work with pleasure in our mother tongue. Whether this is French, German, Hebrew or Finnish. Or Chinese. Or English. Legal. Commercial. Even personal. We think nothing of it. Translating is and remains to be the work of humans. Our translators actually live and work in their home country. Therefore, they keep pace with their native language on a daily basis.

So how does it work?

You send us an email containing your translation request. Based on an experience of 17 years, we unerringly know how to find the most appropriate translator for the translation concerned. You will receive a quotation from us and when you agree your document will travel around the world through the electronic highway and will be back to you in its translated version quick as a flash. Because quick as a flash, that’s what we are. Even during weekends and holidays. Simply because we like what we do.

Over ons

The Language Company levert sinds 1995 eersteklas vertalingen aan gerenommeerde bedrijven in binnen- en buitenland.


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